About Fast Planets

Fast Planents Co., Ltd

Fast Planets Co. Ltd., is a Riyadh based Design & Engineering Company specializing in Telecom Tower Design & Engineering. It provides consultancy services to both public and private companies in the telecommunication sector throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At Fast Planets, the management firmly believes in KAIZAN Continuous Improvement; in terms of operational efficiency and expansion, and building a capable and efficient skill set of talented and technically sound individuals who are true asset to the company.

The Company employs one of the most experienced groups of engineers, technicians, designers and surveyors to do the job with professional excellence. It very well recognizes that technology in engineering can reduce project time, increase detail, and provide a greater assurance of project success, and so it deploys latest and state of the art technologies to be precise technically and to enhance effectiveness with one goal in mind, i.e. Q.O.T- QUALITY ON TIME.

At Fast Planets, principles like honesty, dedication, long term relationship building & process innovation are ingrained into the culture of the firm. Our faith is that effort is never wasted just like energy is never destroyed and our value is to prove ourselves with our actions.

Since inception, the company is continually adding to its client base, expanded its range of services, experiencing significant growth in revenue and is building a reputation for quality and service; looking to be the market leader in the industry.