OSP Services

Fast Planets Co Ltd. has a highly diversified work profile in OSP. Assisted by its highly qualified, skilled and experienced staff, as well as latest equipment, Dorer AL-Waleed has proved commitment in all works assigned to it, especially with regard to quality, safety and work schedule.

Fast Planets Co Ltd. Provides Specialized services in the following areas:

  • OSP site survey and design
  • OSP existing route identification by scanner and cable locator.
  • OSP civil works.
  • OSP FOC installation.
  • Splicing and termination.
  • OSP maintenance.
  • OSP Site Survey and Design: All kinds of survey, such as existing route, proposed route, building access, potential route and so on are done.
  • OSP Existing Route Identification by Scanner and Cable Locator: To avoid any unforeseen accidents, existing cables are located by using latest instruments.
  • OSP Civil Works: Specialized in all kinds of civil jobs, trench excavation, manhole excavation, trenching for metro, trenching for building access networks.
  • OSP FOC Installation: Specialized in all kinds of cable installations, micro, duct fiber cables, internal cables and so on.
  • Splicing and Termination: Specialized in splicing all types of FOC and termination in any type of ODF.
  • OSP Maintenance: Specialized in carrying out all kinds of maintenance such as existing route patrolling and monitoring, intimating clients of any kind of civil jobs around the clients trench, coordinating with other utility owners and contractors to let them know the clients existing routes, strong stand by crews and equipment’s to act quick in unforeseen accidents


on field trouble shooting, Trace the fault with using fault tracing tools and fix the fault for copper.