Civil Implementation

Fast Planets has provided non-destructive drilling, trenching and a variety of civil works to a range of different clients. Fast Planets has conducted projects in pipe, pit, conduit, optic fiber, copper, and manhole installation and maintenance in both new and existing public areas. Our high standard of work and ability to manage the achievement of tasks to budget and deadlines demonstrate Fast Planets experience and skill in conducting public trenching and civil works on projects both large and small.

  • GIS Services in System Design and Architecture
  • GIS Services in Management and Maintenance
  • GIS Analysis (specialized for GIS Mapping Agencies) i.e environmental analysis, crime analysis, population density and specific service analysis etc.
  • Comprehensive Geodatabase Design and Development as per Organization’s Requirements
  • Enterprise Geodatabase implementation on (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL)
  • Data Production and Workflow Management.
  • Map Production & Report Generating
  • OSP Existing Route Identification by Scanner and Cable Locator:
  • GIS Applications Development (GIS Mapping and GIS Remote Sensing)
  • GIS Mapping User Training and Support
  • Conventional & Deferential GPS surveying (RTK)
  • GIS Base Map Development & Planning
  • Large Volume Data Conversion Services (From CAD, Microstation, Hard Copy Maps etc)
  • Digitization and Data Entry Services
  • 3D Modeling and Visualization for GIS Mapping Products in ArcGIS & Super Map
  • Remote Sensing Products
  • Architectural CAD Drafting